A Wax Cloud Wallet is required to view your Anne Geddes Digital Prints. Setting up a Wax Cloud Wallet is free and easy, and can be done in a few clicks. Here's all the information you'll need!


Step 1

Go to wallet.wax.io and and click on the Google, Facebook, or Twitter icon (or any of the icons they want to use to create an account). If you don't have an account you'd like to connect, you can use a username/password.

Accept the terms and conditions:


Step 2

Scroll towards the bottom of the page, and enter the promo code provided after checkout in the PROMO CODE box.  This will activate your account. 

Once activated, the page will reload and you'll be in your Wax Cloud Wallet! Your Wax Cloud Wallet address will be in the upper right, and  will end in ".WAM"

Click on NFTs in the left sidebar to view your wallet. PS - you get a free welcome badge NFT from Wax too :)


Step 3

Return to your order page, and enter your Wax Wallet address in the Waxify field and hit redeem.

Your digital print will be minted on demand and dropped in your wallet!

It may take a few minutes to render in the wallet based on blockchain traffic. If after a few minutes you still don't see your Digital Print, contact customer support here