This debut collection of Digital Prints features twelve stunning portraits, available in three different rarity levels.

Each Digital Print will be redeemable for an original physical print, created specifically for this release.

Digital Prints

For the first time ever, digital prints will be available as NFTs, minted on the Wax blockchain.

Physical Prints

Each digital print will come with a physical print, made exclusively for this release.

Authenticated Signatures

Each digital and physical signature will be authentic, unique, and certified.

Exclusive Content

Exclusive video with Anne and other digital content is unlocked for anyone that holds a digital print.

Limited Edition Digital Prints

Each of the 9 images in the Mother's Day collection will be minted as digital art prints. Each digital print can be "redeemed" for a corresponding physical print, hand numbered to match the digital asset.

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Signature Series

Limited Edition

Five of the images from the collection will make up the Signature Series. Only 20 of each print will be available in this configuration, for 100 total prints in circulation.

Exclusive Print Run

The prints made for this release will be one-of-a-kind. These are not prints in existing inventory. Each print will be hand-numbered and signed based on redemption.

Signed Digital Prints

Each digital print in this series is signed with an original, and authenticated signature. Each signature is unique and is applied to the digital asset and cannot be replicated.

1-of-1 Collection

Two images from the collection will be available as limited edition one-of-one digital prints.

Each image will feature an authenticated original digital signature and a signed one-of-a-kind physical print.

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"Because of NFTs, I'm excited to be able to think I can get back in the studio . . . my real love is storytelling."

— Anne Geddes
Anne Geddes Headshot Cropped

So Easy, a Baby Could Do It

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The gallery opens Friday, May 6 at 12PM EDT. Checkout using your credit or debit card. No crypto required!


Digitial prints will be delivered to your account, and can be viewed in your profile, a connected WAX Cloud Wallet, and various marketplaces.

Physical Redemption

A redemption token will be dropped to all Wax Cloud Wallets that hold a qualifying digital print 90 days after the sale ends.

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Exclusive Content

Each digital print unlocks interviews and other exclusive content.

"With these NFTs, people can get involved, in terms of buying in that world, knowing that they're helping me create going forward because I have a lot more to say."

— Anne Geddes
Anne Geddes Headshot Cropped


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With over 325k daily users, WAX is the most used and transacted blockchain ecosystem globally for NFTs — providing the safest and most convenient way to create, buy, sell, and trade virtual and physical items to anyone, anywhere in the world.

Carbon Neutral

WAX is certified carbon neutral and is taking action to erase its carbon footprint. Working as a Proof of Stake system, NFTs minted on WAX solve the environmental issues presented by those minted on Ethereum.